Welcome to Consumer Products International, your gateway to expanding your USA-based consumer goods brand across the globe. Our platform is designed to simplify the exporting process, connecting American manufacturers with markets on all continents. Explore the vast opportunities and market potential awaiting your brand worldwide.


1. North America:

Overview: With the USA as a manufacturing powerhouse, North America serves as an excellent starting point for global expansion. 

2. South America:

Overview: Tap into the diverse and growing consumer base in South America, where demand for high-quality consumer goods is on the rise.


3. Europe:

Overview: Europe offers a mature and sophisticated market for consumer goods. Benefit from the strong purchasing power and diverse preferences of European consumers.


4. Africa:

Overview: Explore the untapped potential of the African market, where a rising middle class and increasing urbanization are driving demand for a variety of consumer products.


5. Asia:

Overview: Asia is a powerhouse of consumer demand, with diverse cultures and a rapidly expanding middle class. Leverage this vast market to propel your brand to new heights.


6. Australia and Oceania:

Overview: With a developed consumer market, Australia and Oceania provide a strategic entry point for expanding your brand in the Asia-Pacific region.


How Consumer Products International Simplifies Exporting:

– Streamlined Process: Our platform simplifies the exporting process, offering a user-friendly interface for manufacturers to manage and track their exports.

– Regulatory Compliance: We guide manufacturers through the complexities of international trade regulations, ensuring compliance with various countries’ standards.

– Market Intelligence: Access valuable insights and market trends to make informed decisions and tailor your products to local preferences.

– Network Expansion: Connect with a global network of distributors, retailers, and partners to establish a strong presence in new markets.

– Logistics Support: Benefit from our logistics support to ensure smooth and efficient transportation of your products across borders.


Consumer Products International is your trusted partner in navigating the global marketplace. Join us in expanding your brand’s reach, capturing new audiences, and driving international success. Take the first step towards a global presence with ease and confidence.


Product Line Evaluation

CPI will make product recommendations based on the established market, and existing competition.

Trademarking/Brand Protection

CPI ensures that our clients maintain exclusive rights to their products and patents.

Product Liability Insurance

CPI will protect you from claims related to the manufacture or sale of your products in the United States, through the length of the contract.

Claims and Regulatory Review

CPI will review any marketing claims made to ensure compliance with US federal regulations.

Global Logistics Services

CPI will assist you in transporting products from your country of origin into to the United States.

State of the Art Warehousing

CPI offers a climate controlled, extremely secure warehouse an hour north of the port of Miami.

Speed to Market/Sales Velocity

CPI will quickly place you in the US market and grow your sales.

Network of Power Brokers

CPI has nationwide coverage when it comes to brokers capable of getting your products into the countries most sought after accounts. Our network of partners are strategically placed throughout the USA, and are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively present your product to senior buyers at major retail outlets.

Procurement of Purchase Orders

We will obtain purchase orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brands profile in the US.