National Sales Management

For companies already selling inside the United States we offer services more localized to expansion of sales and marketing. Our nationwide network of power brokers have strong relationships with major buyers in every retail channel, and we offer innovative, cost effective marketing solutions to push your brand to new levels of success.

Our nationwide coverage of every major retail channel will provide you access to: club stores, convenience stores, big box stores, drug stores, grocery stores, mass merchandisers, hardware chains, lawn & garden chains\distributors and online retailers.

Because we specialize in a wide range of consumer products, we have industry specific relationships that can help take your brand to the next level. Our team members have the required experience, to help build brands from the ground up, and expand brands whose sales have begun to stagnate or weaken.

01. Competitive Analysis

CPI will research and analyze any potential competitor’s product, price, and brand as well as their weakness. CPI will position your product’s attributes and strengths effectively into a strong marketing strategy.

02. Speed To Market/Sales Velocity

CPI will quickly place you in the US market and grow your sales. What others do in years, CPI can accomplish in months. We are the best in the business at quickly capitalizing on an opportunity in the market. Our network of Power Brokers provide unparalleled speed to market, and because of our sales and marketing team’s experience and familiarity with the retail industry, they are able to recognize opportunities before the competition.

03. Network of Power Brokers

CPI has nationwide coverage when it comes to brokers capable of getting your products into the countries most sought after accounts. Our network of partners are strategically placed throughout the USA, and are fully equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively present your product to senior buyers at major retail outlets.

04. Procurement of Purchase Orders

We will obtain purchase orders from strategically targeted accounts that will provide your brand with critical exposure and begin to establish your brands profile in the US.