With over 250,000 retail sites generating over 2.5 trillion dollars in real sales every year,
the US retail market is the largest in the world.

What makes CPI the right choice for your business?


Turnkey Product Launch Infrastructure

CPI offers comprehensive support, critical expertise, powerful industry specific broker connections, and constantly evolving marketing innovation. We offer everything you need under one roof. From the moment you become a client, until you realize your full sales potential, we will be by your side.


Full Service Agency

We offer any and all services you may need in-house, so you can develop a lasting relationship with your account manager, and participate as much as you want in the creation of your marketing and sales plan. This will also allow you to focus on your business and not on juggling contacts and day-to-day tasks.



CPI’s executive team boasts over 100 years of combined experience in the distribution and retail markets. Our experts have worked in and had success stories with virtually every major retail channel in the United States. At CPI, our experience leads to your growth.



What others do in years, CPI can accomplish in months. We are the best in the business at quickly capitalizing on an opportunity in the market. Our network of Power Brokers provide unparalleled speed to market, and because of our sales and marketing team’s experience and familiarity with the consumer products industry, they are able to recognize opportunities before the competition.


Promotional Support

Once your product has been successfully placed in the market, our in house marketing team will provide any promotional support and media capabilities that you need. Our promotional methods are focused, cost effective, and proven to enhance sales volume.


PR & Communications

Consumer Products International has the skill and experience to deliver new and exciting sales and retail promotional opportunities to your brand. We do this in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You receive the benefits of our turnkey business model that has achieved proven results for both new product rollouts and product expansions.

Our strategy gives you an advantage because we promote you to BOTH retail and consumer audiences, maximizing brand exposure and sales. By promoting to the retail/trade market, buyers will be more interested in getting your brand’s products on their shelves and online storefronts, creating more places for your products to be purchased. By promoting simultaneously to the target consumer market, we increase the demand for your products. This will not only lead to sales but will again help feed brand placement. At CPI, we believe that an order is not an order, until it is a reorder.